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Class of 1984

CLASS of 1984
You''ll feel a whole lot better about any lingering high shool traumas after catching this riotous two-fer from director Mark L.Lester , who earned a little place in cinematic heaven with Commondo. First up, new teacher Perry King locks horns with malicious students from the Class of 1984, led by Timothy Van Patten at a shool with mandatory metal detectors (imagine that!).Featuring Roddy McDowall as the doormat principal, Michael J.Fox as a terrorized freshman, and a theme sond by none other that Alice Cooper, it''s a gory, fast-pased updating of The Blackboard Jungle with the nastiest shop classroom scene ever. Then the story gets a sci-fi makeover in class of 1999, as unruly kids are under the thumbsof robot teachers; the B-moved dream cast includes Pam Grier, Stacy Keach, Malcolm McDowell and Josua Miller (that spooky kid from Near Dark).Must -see viewing for anyone considering a career with the L.A. educational system.

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