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I am the abandoned spawn of invention, suckling at the breast of technology. In a corporate science fiction sumulacrum, my heritage has been evaporated into a mist I cannot grasp. I am crashing the winshield of reality into the abyss of existencial abandon and political delirium. I see in my video eyes, undocumented souls in a countdown for state execution. I, the reflection of what you want to see in me, the target of your premeditated violence, the model token, the educated alien, The victim of your forked tongue, crucifying demon stretching out my limbs to touch the edge of a world filled with underground racism and political hatred. My life has no redemption value for your bigotry. You filthify my existence by making me the axis for your woes. We, the raw genetic mutation of global assimilation, surviving the ideological chlorine of a brainwash. We, the catalist, the synthesizers, refusing to isolate our brains from our souls, our hearts, from our genitals, our dreams from the worlds. We resist fragmentation, deconstruction, alienation. We the burning montage of memories and dreams living in a cold shadows, shuffling along the crust of civilization.
We have below zero identities, in an apocalyric countdown. We mutate, we change, we transform, breathe in and out. Resincarnating from womb to womb, shape by the forces of life, we blink between centuries, photocopying ourselves. Our presense is an illusion of our sense swimming against the collective stream of conciousness.

Welcome to Amerikkka a land contaminated by the brainwashed masses a land based on white skinned privilege.
Cultural genocide, killing ourselves slowly, not knowing who we are inside.
Ashamed to speak our native tongue, stripping ourselves of our birth given name.
And now the reflection in the mirror no longer looks the same, slowly we change, conform, assimilate.
Our culture, history that was once so beautiful, is now replaced with self-hatred.

To abandon your culture and absorb an existing
cultue is assimilation; it is form of cultural genocide
it is process that produces an identity
that is shallow, materialistic, unrooted and weak
where the practicing of traditions and heritage are lost
lost and hidden away deep in your soul

Where one becomes eager to re-identify
identity with an existing dominant culture
a culture that is based on the bill and red, white, and blue
where one becomes reluctant and embarrassed
to speak their ancestral language is assimilation
to be ashamed of the way you look; to alter your features is assimilation

So welcome to Amerikkka a land filled with shallow, materialistic, unrooted and weak
that have abandoned all that their ancestors have struggle for,
died for and have been massacred for
a melting pot of a product brainwashed and shrink-wrapped
bar-coded and ready for the new millenium

Changing your name to an Amerkkinan name is assimilation
to deny who you are and where you come from is assimilation
to be ashamed of the way you look, and to alter your feature is assimilation!


The solidarity of the streets must extend beyond to those arrested.
We must prove to these freedom fighters that they will never be ignored.

(ch) This song is for political prisonersforgotten by their own movements. To these people who have committed to challenging injustice
Let us put an end to our privileged, sectarian squabbles.
Regardless of the label the fight is for Liberation!

(ch) This song is for political prisonersforgotten by their own movements. Do not forget the inhumane condition, the despair of ultimate repression
It takes more than writing letters, we have to fundraise and rally; we have to educate the public; we have to study the role of prisons

(ch)This song is for political prisonersforgotten by their own movements. Regardless of political difference these people cannot be abandoned.
Psychological torture, humiliation, and inhuman abuse. Isolated in cells deprived of life.
Their families destroyed at the hands of state.
Rougher times for activist because theyre a threat. The struggle must continue strong for the liberation.
Free the prisoners, ALF, ELF, revolutionaries
The state repression must be dealt with Until all are free, liberation or death!

I became involved with the punk subculture in the 80s. During that period we had to build everything from the bottom up, to take this lifestyle called punk, and develop it into a culture of rebellion and love, rooted in the principals of Anarchism. Although, our Anarchist history reaches back much further, considering the early part of the 20th century with the Jewish Anarchist movement, the CNT, the IWW, the Anarchist Red Cross (later known as the Anarchist Black Cross)... as well as the Peace movements of the 60s and the emergence of social revolutionary organizations for self-determination. This was our legacy, our inspiration!
Growing up, we started from scratch with this idea; organizing benefit events, building collectives, opening community centers, forming co-operatives... In many regards, our visions tended to be utopian and impatient. It seemed that our mistakes continued to plague our willingness to remain committed. I have watched friends get lost into the slavery of a drug culture. We have witnessed people moving away and becoming disillusioned with the irresponsible directions of our subculture, and even in the larger social revolutionary movement. We have strayed from dealing with one another, supporting each other in times of need and pain It seems that the cynicism developed in the 70s after this country''s repressive war against our historical struggles for liberation has also passed onto us, and our failure to recognize the potential we have as human beings still plagues us today.
The political punk movement is an arm to the larger movement for freedom in this world. This has been a subculture which has been there for youth growing up, searching for others to identify with. I have watched as people have attempted to sell its potential as a force for change out to the potential to make profits. I have seen this fall victim to negativity and alcoholism. We have seen the Anarchist movement here in Los Angeles burn out, and refuse to deal with personal issues. How can we expect a radical change to come about if we do not work towards solidarity and understanding?! How can we limit ourselves to the same mistakes and the same cycles of abuse?! It is important that we stick with this, and continue to build!

Punk for us was a vision of growth
A movement for change
A dream to break free
This chance to take part
In the larger world
And challenge its roles of oppression
I was inspired by the bands in this scene
Who expressed the concerns of imbalance
We''ve used slogans and images to protest injustice
Yet it takes action to back the word

(x3)We plant the seeds of revolution and watch the tree grow!!!

It is important that we
Take these messages as inspiration
But it can be a danger to paint some as leaders
When they are capable of being opportunists
No one is perfect in this struggle
And we must learn from our mistakes
Yet we have to be critical of those who would
Use this for their glory
We do this because of an unfailing belief!

(x3)We plant the seeds of revolution and watch the tree grow!!!

And now, as we have watched this movement develop,
Punk has split into two
One side values image and profit
While we struggle to build something new
It is sad to see that some view rebellion
As only limited to reactionary action
They disrupt our contribution to freedom and liberation
Their only goal is to be a pointless sensation!

(x3)We plant the seeds of revolution and watch the tree grow!!!

It is an inspiration to see that anarcho-punks in Mexico are working with the Zapatistas. Publications like Profane Existence have been promoting an international punk movement. We are even moving beyond this subculture to work within a larger society and commit ourselves to multicultural organizing, connecting ourselves to other subcultures of rebellion, and promoting the concepts of mutual aid, solidarity and revolution.

Feelings of enmity propel down my throat
Bridled rage painted upon my face
Pure animosity burns within my heart

Hampered by these mortal feelings - I strive for tranquility
Pacific mind paired with violent expression
I attempt to let go and just walk away
While inside I thrash left and right
My heart wrenched and crippled

Liberation for all fragile minds
Strength and fortitude combined
Inner peace to heal our souls

The thorns of swallowed roses
cut my throat and the blood flows
These weak emotions I refuse to embrace
Won''t make the same mistakes again
Time to move on and just let it go
I resist turning back to behold the dark shadows

It rained and poured blood from my eyes
Feelings too complex to define with mere words
an excruciating past to relive

Aggresion, oppression, obsession
Refuse to engage in emotional games
Refuse to dwell on this evil, negative plane

Liberation for our bodies and souls
Transformation of our hearts and minds
Peaceful change begin with you and me

(This song is for my friend)
The wind with stories blew to my ears
I pictured darkness with dead dried trees
A lost boy standing alone in the cold

The pain and confusion you went through
People try to give you advice
As if they were speaking a different language
For the words mean nothing to you
It didnt ease the pain or cure the woes

You left behind a dead dried branch
Blowing away with past discomfort memories
The wind will carry your echo of sorrow

Your hurt and your anger flows away
Taking all your sadness to the other side
As your heart stops with a last beat
Why now do we care
Why now do we cry

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