Erwin Redl, Computer-controlled LED Installation 

Matrix II, Lamoca

Riva Gallery, NY, 2002

Fetch, 2010. Neon Light

Fetch, 2010

Structure of Time and Space

CRYSTAL MATRIX presents a selection of 15 crystals with light and sound. The 15 modules are arranged in a 5 by 3 grid in the center of the Wunderkammer and are spaced 50 cm apart

Crystal Matrix, 2011

Crystal Matrix, 2011

Crystal Matrix, 2011

Crystal Matrix, Maiami

Crystal Matrix, 2011 for Swarovski Crystal Palace

Framed, 1998 LED Installation, 30 x 30 x 14 ft (variable) Wish You Luck, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens, NY

Fragile, 2011

Fragile, 2011

Serpent blue

Serpent red

Shifting, Very Slowly, 1998/1999 Computer-controlled LED Installation, 40 x 25 x 16 ft (variable), 444, Apex Art, New York, NY (1999)

Planes, 1997 LED Installation, 20 x 12 x 14 ft Studio P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens, NY


City of Carlotte

Spatial Gradient, NY, 1998

Matrix, NY, 2005


Matrix XII front


fade Lile

Stein Krems, Austria


Martix XV ace, Beverly Hills, California


Sex Is A Dirty Thing, 1991 Multimedia Installation, 20 x 20 x 10 ft (variable) Deutsch - Cesko, Palace Metro Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

Paramount Theater, Emerson College, on Washington Street. The artists whose work is presented are Jim Campbell, John Craig, Freeman, Brian Knep, Bruce Pearson, John Powell, and Erwin Redl

Art Week are produced by Erwin Redl, Ian Monroe and Werner Reiterer, Vienna.jpg

Calvin Klein store, Madison av., NY

Calvin Klein store, Madison av., NY

Union Square/Market Street Station Artwork project by Erwin Redl. The San Francisco Arts Commission, through its Public Art Program, is conducting the Central Subway Public Arts Program to create an exciting range of artworks for the Central Subway stations and adjacent properties

Erwin Redl, Erwin Redl was born in 1963 in Austria, is a digital and new media artist, His work includes installations, videos, graphics, computerart and electronic music. His work really lends itself to work about the universe and our place within it.Light installations. Desidn media arts. Computer-controlled LED Installation.
Erwin Redl investigates the process of reverse engineering by (re-)translating the abstract aesthetic language of virtual reality and 3 D computer modeling back into architectural environments by means of large scale light installations. In this body of work, space is experienced as a second skin, our social skin, which is transformed through the artistic intervention. Due to the very nature of its architectural dimension, participating by simply being present is an integral part of the installations. Visual perception works in conjunction with corporeal motion, and the subsequent passage of time. Erwin Redl 111
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Fetch 2010

Erwin Redl
Erwin Redl
Lighting slide show
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Fetch 2010

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