That way, I like it! 

Lewis MacAdams founded FoLAR in 1986 in an effort to see if the river could meet other public needs beyond just flood control. Since then FoLAR and groups like the Sierra Club and Heal the Bay have proposed more parks along the river, more bike trails, restoring some natural habitat, in addition to maintaining safe flood control functions. They oppose the plan to construct the multi-million dollar flood control wall for being too limited in its view of the functions of what an urban river can serve. He sais:

I have logged over 100,000 bicycle miles commuting, racing and touring in 26 states and 4 countries. I am a member of Pasadena Athletic Association''s bicycle team and hold a USCF Masters catagory 3 racing license.

While I was serving on Pasadena Mayor''s Bicycle Task Force in 1991, I designed the highly successful Rose Bowl Loop for bicycle supremacy and helped design and implement several plans that made Pasadena a more bicycle friendly city including bike lockers in various places in town and bike routes that actually go somewhere. During this time I also discovered the Horace Dobbins Cycleway. With 25 years in the construction industry, the concept is intriguing. "I ran preliminary numbers and saw that it would work. The more I investigated the site, the more ideal it appeared." "Bicycling improved my life. Now I saw that it could improve the life of LA."

Bicycle Adventures features the finest bicycle tours and active vacations throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, New Mexico, Hawaii, Montana, Canada, and New Zealand. Based in the Pacific Northwest, we have specialized in outstanding bike trips, walking tours, and multisport vacations in the western United States and Canada since 1984. We have active vacations for all ages and abilities, including inn-to-inn trips, camping tours, and fun family vacations.

Dennis Crowley and the Arroyo Seco Bikeway Project have been involved in developing the Arroyo Seco Bikeway proposal which would connect downtown Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles, and will be part of a larger system of L.A. bike paths.

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