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Brett Dennen

Childrens Songs for Peace and a Better World

Brett Dennen

Western, 1973

Kiosk, located in San Diego

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John Cohen

John Cohen''s Beat Generation section

Bob Dylan American Journey 1956- exebition in skirball, LA -66 -

Bob Dylan is a revolutioner for rock lyrics. Now it is not only music for teenagers. It is social poetry about our existence.Can you be fan of Bob or not, you should to remember about it all the time.

Don''t miss final stopof this acclaimed exhibition, exploring Bob Dylan''s first 10 yearsb as a public figure, artist innovator, and compelling voice of consciece. View historicals artifacts and key memorabillia - including the tambourine that inspired Dylan''s hit "Mr.Tambourine Man" - and enjoy classic tracks and rare performance and interview footage. The exhibition at the Skirball aiso features a new interactive gallery that invites visitors to re-mix and re-imagine original Dylan recordings.

February 8 - June 8, 2008/

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Lecture - Dylan''s photographers JOHN cOHEN AND dANIEL kRAMER

Music - indie folk star Billy Dennen

Popular Persian protest band Kiosk

Gallery Tour - led by rock legend Davis Was

Crell Marcus, Michaek McClure, Penelope Spheeris,

Film - Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid with sountrack by Dylan.

Inspired by both Noahs Ark at the Skirball and the exhibition Bob Dylans American Journey 19561966, this workshop, led by local artist Hadley Holliday, focuses on creating instruments out of recycled, repurposed materials. Playing your one-of-a-kind instrument, try your hand at songwriting and perform with family and friends.

Brett Dennen is a singer with a very androgynous voice that seems to be perfectly suited to his songs. They all have the hint of island rhythms, which are added to by his percussive guitar playing style. He also seems in his songs to almost go to a Rasta, or Reggae ideology about love and its being the ruler of the universe. This is a disc that presented many disconnected, and contradictory, ideas about the singer and songs. I grabbed the disc and put into the stereo without looking at it, and I wondered whether it was a woman or a very young male with an immature voice singing. Wrong on all counts and because of the rhythms and content of the songs there definitely was no connection to a native son and graduate of a California University. It is sometimes wonderful to have all preconceived ideas smashed. All this said it is a very interesting disc, that is filled with an innocent spirit of a seemingly innocent person that someone trusted/believed in enough to allow to make the disc they wanted to, in a way they wanted to. This is not the usual way in the music business today. There is no way to classify this music, maybe as soft folk, but even that does it a disservice. Go taste something new and completely different here, and get an alternative view and hearing of some of the possibilities that exist - Petr Borough Folk Music Society.

Not many rockers are versed in wilderness survival. But Brett Dennen is the exception. The laid-back folk rocker spent his early twenties as a camp counselor in Yosemite, California, leading teens on backpacking trips through the Sierra Nevada mountains. The kids in his crew, many of whom were forced into the Outward Bound-style program by social workers or probation officers, weren''t exactly suited for the environment, but he taught them how to purify water and set up shelter. "I pushed them to their limits," says Dennen, who was home-schooled by his mom, a gardener, and his dad, a carpenter, in Northern California. "We used to go boot skiing, where you can catch a snow patch and ski in your shoes. There were times when I had to tackle kids who were veering too close to the edge." - see video

California redhead with a perplexing level of white guilt ("There Is So Much More") given the streak of soulless half-swagger shot through his acoustic pop ("Darlin'' Do Not Fear"), Brett Dennen writes himself into a mire of generalities punctuated by cheap end-rhymes. He tries to get himself out of lines like "I see you risin'' on the horizon" and "Sometimes my trouble gets so thick/ I can''t see how I''m going to get through it" by curling his bland pop air into a Mason Jennings-sans-character quiver. Did you hear Josh Ritter is coming to the Cradle?

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid is a 1973 Western film directed by Sam Peckinpah and starring James Coburn and Kris Kristofferson. Bob Dylan, who co-starred in the film, composed multiple songs for the movie''s score and the album Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid was released the same year. The film was noted for behind-the-scenes battles between Peckinpah and the production company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Soon after completion, the film was taken away from the director and substantially re-edited, resulting in a truncated version released to the theaters and largely disowned by cast and crew members. Peckinpah''s director''s cut was released on video in 1988, leading to a reevaluation, with many critics hailing it as a mistreated classic and one of the era''s best films -

Kiosk - Talking about Persian Underground Bands! This is not a full review about Arash and his Persian Blues Band, The Kiosk. I shall write the full review in the soon up & coming IPC Website. As long as Hizbollah managed to get the old IPC Website down, you must be patient and wait for my up coming full review on Kiosk. This is only a teaser! I am dead busy with designing and publishing the new IPC Website but I listened to Kiosk & got so impressed that I just had to drop these few lines. The new Music Section of the IPC Website will be something "Out There", & surely it will contain a full review about Kiosk. In a meanwhile I am going to write this Teaser & get the IPC Office to distribute this Underground Teaser in to a great number of Iranian forums inside/outside Iran and some major Universities of Iran. So without further due, lets roll:

Right out of the bat, let me come out & say that this music is not for the Brain Drained, Dancing Sheeple (Sheep + People), yet this music is for Thinking minds who understand & cherish musical value & Art.

Make no mistake, Kiosk is not another average, same old Iranian soosool "Bang O Salavat" band, but they are a Heavy Duty, Hardcore, soul soothing, Guitar Blues Band! Folks, this is some serious music! If you are ready to Rock, then they will Rock your soul! Are you ready for them?!

Ice Cold ZeroRate Your Music!

New Release: KIOSK - Eshghe Sorat

KIOSK has made its second album Eshghe Sorat ready for the market! The band received a great deal of attention for their ROCK-BLUES album Aadame Mamooli which was heavily inspired by Dire Straits, not to mention Mark Knopflers vocals! The funny detail about this release is the sarcastic parental advisory sticker in Persian!lol I personally havent seen it being used before and can now see it being adopted by the underground HIP HOP movement in order to make their songs commercially hyped! Hehe!

The design of the cover and its lettering is refreshing and very relevant to the music, reminiscent of the style of the domestic graphic artist Bijan Seyfouri who does many covers for books and magazines!

The band members are Arash Sobhani (Guitar & vocals), Ali Kamali (bass guitar), Ardalan Payvar (keyboards), Babak Khiavchi (guitar), Shahrooz Molaei (drums), Anoush Khazeni (guitar & backing vocals) and Farzaneh Hemmasi (backing vocals).

The Tehran based band is often noted for its Mark Knopfler sounding melodies and its political but humorous lyrics. For example, the lines of their hit song "eshgh e sor''at" (Need for speed) make open political references:

"Nothing for lunch or dinner to make,

But let them eat Yellowcake
Scraped up the very last dime

Sent it straight to Palestine"
The band has released two albums. Both are illegal in Iran, as are most other productions of Iranian rock bands. - WiKi -

Musician, folklorist, and filmmaker John Cohen recorded black-and-white footage in the rural Appalachians during the early ''60s to make the historic music documentary That High Lonesome Sound. The first section, "That High Lonesome Sound," focuses on banjo player, guitarist, and singer Roscoe Holcomb - That High Lonesome Sound (1967)- film

John Cohen is an accomplished writer, folklorist, musicologist, photographer, and filmmaker. American roots music owes a huge debt of gratitude to the work and music of John Cohen.

First hearing old-time string bands on 78 rpm albums in 1948, John helped found the New Lost City Ramblers. The "Ramblers" played old-time music for 40 years, inspiring countless other musicians to take up his style.

John Cohen dove deep into the well of traditional music. He constantly traveled "down south," to learn directly from the masters. Many great performances can be heard on his "field recordings" that he made from those trips. "Mountain Music of Kentucky," "The High Lonesome Sound" (Roscoe Holcomb), "Old Love Songs and Ballads," "When Kentucky Had No Union Men," and "High Atmosphere."

John Cohens first solo album of his career, 1998s "Stories the Crow Told Me," finds him exploring the lineage of lyrics made popular in Grateful Dead songs.

Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter credits Cohen with "providing yeoman service to the folk community, opening whole worlds of attractively played and soundly researched music, often turning to the original sources."

Hunter also gives a giant nod to Cohen by stating, "If I wasnt specifically thinking of you personally when I wrote "Uncle Johns Band," I might as well have been; you fit the bill."

Cohen -

John Cohen''s Beat Generation Section
Iran Politics Forum -KIosk
Brett Dennen interview
Brett Dennen
Daniel Kramer - photos of Bob Dylan

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