Ron Hubbard and 21 000 000 from his chirch

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In 1982, through the course of a larger effort to assemble all existing L.Ron Hubbard manuscripts, a collection of some forty poems was discovered. Although the majority date from the 1930s, both earlier and later works suggested poetry had been a continuous pursuit, and, in fact, a subsequent search through Rons papers revealed poems from all phases of his life: youth in Montana, years of far-flung exploration, nationally acclaimed author of popular fiction, and founder of Dianetics and Scientology. That he never sought to formally present this verse, nor even spoke much of it, is immaterial. These are obviously serious poems, and otherwise speak for themselves.
In this very special issue of the RON Series more than fifty previously unavailable poems are presented. Wherever possible, relevant details have also been supplied, including specific dates, circumstances and historical notes. The selection has been arranged chronologically, but is intended to be read as one wishes. For the most part, these works represent unpublished titles. That is, although he never published verse per se, all ten volumes of his Mission Earth series offer samples of verse, as do his earlier Ole Doc Methuselah tales. L. Ron Hubbard poems and lyrics further saw periodic publication in various Scientology journals through the 1950s and 1960s and, of course, the lyrics to his songs have appeared on three albums from the 1980s: the soundtracks to Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth, and his Scientology musical album, The Road to Freedom. But excepting those works reprinted from limited edition journals and the albums above, the titles appear here for the first time

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