Arthur Lee

The Castle

These are screen grabs from the documentary "Love Story", currently being made by Start Productions, London, 2006.

The Castle in Los Feliz, LA. The current owners explained that they received requests on virtually a weekly basis to shoot at their house - for films, TV programs, TV ads - everything. They said that they now turned every request down but agreed to do this as they were interested in the history of their house and knew a little about Love and the musicians that had stayed, partied, or just passed thru their house in the 60''s. Its an incredibly opulent place now. We were staggered at how the place looked - it was so grand! Certainly very different to when the band were staying there. Arthur had some great stories walking around the place

Domenic Priore''s hotly anticipated Riot On Sunset Strip will be officially unveiled this Thursday, July 12th, at Book Soup in Hollywood. The author will then be hitting the East Coast for a series of readings, radio appearances, and more during July and August, before returning to California for more Riot-themed happenings in September. Other events in the pipeline include a bus tour of Los Angeles, hosted by Domenic and Esotouric''s Kim Cooper (details TBC; check for updates).

The book itself is reviewed in this week''s issue of Los Angeles CityBeat magazine, which describes it as "a compelling exploration of the historical, political, racial, and cultural contexts affecting the Strip, and LA."

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