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No Honeymoon for Schwarzenegger. California is about to get the worst governor money can buy. A combination of tens of millions of dollars in political advertising, massive amounts of free publicity and the political bankruptcy of the Democratic Party (as personified by Gray Davis) has propelled a sexual molester into the governorship. There can be no honeymoon with this sexual and political predator who has stated his admiration for Hitler''s "qualities." Arnold Schwarzenegger should be in the jail house, not the state house. However, many Democrats are rushing to work with him, thereby exposing their essential agreement on running a corrupt capitalist economy on the backs of the working class. Among the immediate attacks planned by the Schwarzenegger/Pete Wilson regime are the layoff of thousands of state workers and the denial of driver licenses (and auto insurance) to undocumented workers. But shortly, all working people will suffer as Schwarzenegger implements a corporate-friendly regime and a worker and environment-unfriendly state. The Peace and Freedom Party will join, and help initiate, a mass movement against Schwarzenegger''s policies that attack the working class, social services for the poor and the environment. At the same time, we will promote a working class agenda that includes decent jobs or income for all, universal health care, labor rights, fair rents, free education, an end to poverty and homelessness in California, and movement toward democratic socialism. Schwarzenegger enters office dragging his own Watergate with him. His record of sexual assaults may ultimately bring him down, but at what cost to California? The Peace and Freedom Party, the only avowed feminist party on the ballot, will not allow this criminal to escape justice. We are not willing to forgive or forget his assaults on women. We call on the millions of Californians who will be victimized by Schwarzenegger''s policies to join in a massive struggle against them. We can defeat the emerging bi-partisan right-wing agenda by combining militant daily and electoral struggle for the needs of working people. We invite all disaffected Democrats and independents who are fed up with the status quo and the worsening crisis of everyday survival to join the Peace and Freedom Party and help build the fightback.


Reed also the newspaper of P&F "the PARTISAN" http://www.geocities.com/the_partisan.geo/i18/i18toc.html


Peace and Freedom Party:
a brief summary

The Peace and Freedom Party is a multi-tendency socialist and feminist political party which was first on the California ballot in 1968. It remained on the ballot until 1999 when the California Secretary of State threw the party of the ballot. He did so by violating provisions of California and Federal law by ignoring tens of thousands of Peace and Freedom Party registrants for purposes of determining if the Party had enough registrants to qualify.
Faced with the delay of litigation, and not trusting the courts in any event, Peace and Freedom launched a massive voter registration drive to secure the required number of registrants even under the law as misapplied by the Secretary of State. The Party was hampered by massive "purges" of the voter rolls, by which voters who failed to vote for two consecutive elections were placed into a separate category and were not counted.
In February, 2003, Peace and Freedom succeeded -- not in the courts, but in the street -- bringing its voter registration even under the Secretary of State''s rules up to the required number, and its place on the California ballot was restored. During the three year period of the concerted registration drive, over 40,000 California voters newly registered Peace and Freedom, including 15,000 between January 1 and February 10, 2003.
The Party''s registration drive must continue to preserve the only socialist alternative on the California ballot and prevent future attempts by the Secretary of State to deprive the working class of an electoral voice.
The Party stands for collective ownership and democratic management of industry and natural resources. It stands for feminism, affirmative action to combat past and present racial, national, and gender discrimination; for an unconditional end to U.S. military intervention and other forms of U.S. intervention in the affairs of other nations and other peoples.

Peace and Freedom Party stands for the rights of working class people, in the USA and throughout the world, and supports their struggles to secure and protect their rights by exercising the right to organize and to strike, and the rights of workers to support others by refusing to cross picket lines and refusing to handle scab goods.

Peace and Freedom Party stands for the universal right to adequate housing and health care..

Peace and Freedom Party stands for defense of the environment against the attacks of the polluters and clear-cutters.

The goals of the Peace and Freedom Party cannot be met by electoral means alone. The power of the working class at the ballot box must be backed up by the power of an organized working class movement on the job and in the community. Participation in elections is but a part of the activity of Peace & Freedom and its activists. We must take the battle for workers'' rights, for the rights of minorities, women, and immigrants into every sector of society.

Fighting together, we will win!

The Peace and Freedom Party, founded in 1967, is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We represent working class people: the employed, the unemployed, people on welfare, the undocumented, the homeless, the incarcerated, retired workers, students and youth, and armed forces enlisted people, of all ethnicities, religions, languages, cultures and sexual orientations -- those without capital in a capitalist society.

(Adopted March 22, 2003.)
The Peace and Freedom Party of California, founded in 1967, is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony. We offer this summary of our immediate and long-range goals:

Double the minimum wage, and index it to the cost of living.
Guarantee the right of all workers to organize and to strike; forbid striker replacement.
Socially useful jobs for all at union pay levels.
Equal pay for equal work, and for work of comparable worth.
A 30-hour work week with no cut in weekly pay; longer paid vacations.
Guaranteed dignified income for those who cannot work.
A Universal Basic Income to alleviate poverty and homelessness.
Tax the income and assets of the rich to meet human needs.
International trade agreements must guarantee the protection of workers and the environment in all participating countries; abolish NAFTA, GATT and the World Trade Organization (WTO).
End homelessness; abolish vagrancy laws; provide decent affordable housing for all.
Social ownership and democratic control of industry, financial institutions, and natural resources.
The United States should take the initiative toward global disarmament (BOLD) by eliminating nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Withdraw U. S. troops and weapons from other countries, and reallocate the resulting "peace dividend" for social benefit.
Abolish the CIA, NSA, AID and other agencies for interference in other countries'' internal affairs.
Convert from a military to a peace-oriented economy, with jobs for displaced workers.
Self-determination for all nations and peoples of the world, including Puerto Rico and all U.S. territories.
Defend and extend liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
End discrimination based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, or disability.
Restore affirmative action, guarantee full education and employment rights for all.
Abolish the death penalty.
No prison labor for private profit.
Support the right of working people to keep and bear arms.
Democratic elections through proportional representation; full political, social and economic rights for resident non-citizens.
Honor treaties with Native American nations, recognize California''s Native American nations. Defend and extend Native American rights and sovereignty.
Provide full free quality public education through university level. Teach the history of workers'' struggles and labor''s creation of society''s wealth and progress. Restore and strengthen bilingual education.

Uncensored government funding for ordinary people to create and enjoy art.
Scientific and technological research to benefit ordinary people, not the capitalists.
Free high-quality health care for everyone, including birth control, abortion, pre-natal and childhood health care. No forced sterilizations.
Legalize marijuana, decriminalize drug use, and make substance abuse treatment freely available.
Give special attention to preventing epidemics of, communicable diseases such as AIDS. Guarantee the rights of people living with AIDS.
Restore and protect air, water, land and ecosystems.
Promote conservation and develop solar and other renewable energy to replace nuclear power and fossil fuels.
End environmental racism: no toxic dumping in anyone''s back yard.
Massive development of public transportation available free or at nominal fares.
Outlaw clear cutting and protect remaining old-growth forests.
Promote an environmentally sound agricultural system which meets human needs and protects farm workers'' labor rights and standard of living.

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