Pretender -California Governator Arnold Schwarceneger, 2005

Westwood, march.

Antiwar march - The Labor/Community Strategy Center is a multiracial "think tank/act tank" committed to building democratic, internationalist, Left social movements and challenging the ideological, economic, and political domination of transnational capital. The Strategy Center, 3780 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1200, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Venice - anti-bush piket

Ну а президент Буш продолжает считать вторжение в Ирак два года назад правильным решением, несмотря на демонстрации в США и Европе. Ирак чем-то похож на Афганистан. Опросы общественного мнения в США говорят о том, что американцы неоднозначно относятся к войне. Количество скептиков продолжает расти, хотя открыто на улицы выходят немногие.

Local artist Stephen Gary has been rolling his peace sign, shown at right, like a giant hoola hoop around town and getting a great reaction from community members, who stop and sign it and “talk peace” with the San Fernando Valley artist hailing from Houston. Stephen Frank Gary - Art Resume:Stephen Frank Gary is a Los Angeles based artist since 1993. He has been exhibiting his art for over 35 years. His education includes a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Texas in 1980, and he finished one year towards a masters degree at the University of Houston in 1982. Mr. Gary obtained a Jurist Doctorate degree in 1991 and currently is working as a workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles. He also is producing and showing fine art in the Los Angeles area. His artworks, mostly painting based, include many differing materials, and styles. His images are multi-experimental, ranging from landscape, to multi-media, to social commentary and includes performance art. The ideas set forth in the artwork, emanate as a reflection of the world that he sees around usGalveston Junior College- 1972-73. AA Degree, Social Science. .

Hollywood march 03.19.05 -

1960s. Vietnam. Cold War. Elvis, Santana and the Rolling Stones are either high in the charts and/or out on tour! 2002. Iraq. 9/11. Elvis, Santana and the Rolling Stones are either high in the charts and/or out on tour! The more things change, the more they stay the same! Which brings to my latest writing for the Doors Collectors Magazine, specifically dealing with whether or not Ray, Robby, Ian and Stewart should be calling themselves “The Doors,” in preparation for the forthcoming worldwide 2003 Reunion Tour.

You have the right to remain silent. But you won''t. No war. You have causes you believe in, causes like the environment, pease, edication and human rights. And you sreak out to support them. When you join Working Assets (, you can raise your voice for your values every time you talk on the phone. Since 1985, Working Assets members have generated $46 million for progressive groups like Greenpeace, Doctor Without Borders and the ACLU.

Gary''s poems, 2005
Evolution Know It You Love

We pulled our slimly carcasses out of the swamps and crawled onto dry land. We ate those who tried to eat us. We learned how to stand up on two feet. We organized and learned more. We invented stories, myths, art, law and religion, to teach, guide us, and give meanings to our lives. You are latest result of all that has come before. What you do now sets the course for what we shall become.

The paths that our governments are following will result in atomic, biological or chemical wars. War may once have had a noble purpose in the perpetuation of the clan and your species. But, now the world has become too small, and war should be discarded as obsolete.

War, injustice, and killing, reproduces more of the same, and the circle repeats itself. It’s a stupid cycle. War is no longer a way to solve problems. To save our species will require understanding and cooperation of differing cultures; not domination of one over another by force.

It is time for us to wake up and for you to break the cycle. The reality in which we live is a controlled and manipulated series of events manipulated by our “leaders.” Pass the message on, we all are a part of reality, and as such, each one of us has power and ability to assert some control over that we call reality.

War is nothing more than organized violence where the strongest wins. Now is the time to stop teaching war to our children. History has surely by now, taught us that brute force does not equate to justice.

Armageddon is said by Christian mythology to be the final war of good verses evil. I choose to believe Armageddon is not a physical place. It is a warning bell placed into our consciousness, based on logical observation of mans long history of domination of others around him by force. The good/evil battleground exists within our heads. Upon realizing man has the potential for self destruction, it becomes our responsibility to see that a “final battle” never takes place. Its time to evolve our species. Now is the time of our evolution for us to realize we have the ability to alter the path to a “final” war at arm aged doom.

You must take responsibility that you play a part in this war mentality. Your action, or lack thereof, will determine our future. No one is going to fix it but you. Jesus isn’t coming back to fix it for you. Mohammad has left the building. Love others as you love yourself. We are all a part of the same family. Learn to respect others beliefs, and feelings just as you would want them to do as to yours. Life could be a celebration while we are here. We should leave behind a better place than it was when we came, for our children and their children. It is through them that we live forever.

We need to begin to dismantle the military industrial complex. That mindset carries with it the seeds of all our eventual destruction. When all of the war machines are defused, mankind can begin to blossom as humans.

And then again, if you persist in a belief that your might equals right and war is a necessary tool to conquer others which don’t agree with you, then we all have a problem. If war is the choice you make, and not one of peace, then eventually we all get to go down in that all to predictable blaze of pointless glory.

World peace can happen. It won’t be easy as one, two, three. It will require some work, verifiable dismantling, and a mechanism for dispensing justice that all adhere to. We put a man on the moon but can’t figure out how to find middle ground for cooperation between cultures having different beliefs and perspectives. Give me a break. It can be done. Try a little faith in yourself, take some action.

The future is full of promise, but it will take cooperation, not domination, and for you to realize it, to act on it, and to teach it to others.

Quit With The Excuses

Crack of thunder and quakes with light
The Black is back again tonight
MUKULTRA art look em, spooky CIA do
With shadow men there
all dressed up in blue
A New World order by Babyland Inc. seas
With their yes men, Jesus friends and bobble heads be
To Menachem Begin men to overtake thee
And their chemical air
multiplied by three
We sit here like zombies
its all on TV

Anwar Sadat was whispered to me
And war said it
I yelled to the sea
For time to stop, a sound that Heaven absorbed
To call out Nostradamus to become once more
To call us mad art son backwards the twist
and keep them unaware
that is their gist

Its not what was said but that which was not
That tied me together and glued to the spot
While living an illusion to find a way thru
Back into the light and into the blue

Their Armageddon arm aged doom and gloom glue
Is spread by a preacher man
Who is singing their tune
Buy radials by Jesus, nick-nacks, and jewelry delights
Buy fear and sleep potions
Affecting your nights

Fear is an obstacle for us to walk past
and realize our connections
Are tied to the lines that we cast

The story they told you, a lie to deceive
To keep you in chains unable to see
That the gold that we hold is in the time that we have
With sisters and brothers and children with glee
We all share the same fate, we share the same lands

When you see whose doing the selling
you’ll begin to understand their plan
is keep you in thought prison
while they poison your land
while filling their pockets
its such a great scam
They keep us so busy from knowing we can

know that what I do to you so it does to me
Give me your hand if you’re too blind to see
with war an endeavor well never be free
always waiting to see if you were on the right side
leaving your hopes to that generals provide

Our future is not Jesus, Mohammad or Boogyman boohoo
Our future follows from the dreams that we do

So when you cast your own line
remember your lot
and to send some happiness to those it forgot
for we are all tied together like strands in a knot

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