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Greil Marcus

Greil Marcus

Michael McClure, San Francisco 2003

SF Morgan Beat tour, 2003

DIAMOND DAVE, San Francisco 2003

Michael McClure

Michael McClure, 1965, SF

Michael McClure, 1965

Michael McClure''s Journal

Dylan with beat poet Michael McClure

Dylan with beat poet Michael McClure

Greil Marcus

Penelope Spheeris

Penelope Spheeris

Greil Marcus - bio
Greil Marcus is author of Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock''n''Roll Music (1975; most recent English language edition from Faber & Faber, 2000), Lipstick Traces, Dead Elvis, The Old, Weird America (a retitled edition of the 1997 Invisible Republic), The Dustbin of History, In the Fascist Bathroom and Double Trouble. Greil has published columns, essays and reviews since 1968 in ROLLING STONE, ARTFORUM, INTERVIEW, SALON.COM, COMMON KNOWLEDGE and many other publications. In 2000 and 2002 he taught an American Studies seminar at Princeton University. He lives in Berkeley, California.

Michael McClure (b. October 20, 1932, Marysville, Kansas) is an American poet, playwright, songwriter and novelist, was before moving to San Francisco as a young man. He found fame as one of the five poets (including Allen Ginsberg) who read at the famous San Francisco Six Gallery reading in 1955 rendered in barely fictionalized terms in Jack Kerouac''s Dharma Bums. He soon became a key member of the Beat Generation and is immortalised as "Pat McLear" in Kerouac''s Big Sur-

Penelope Spheeris
Director / Producer / Screenwriter
1945 -
Born December 2, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Penelope Spheeris was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to a Greek immigrant father who owned the Magic Empire Shows (Majick Empire). She spent her first seven years traveling around the American South and American Midwest with her father''s carnival.[1] She majored in film at UCLA in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, California.

Spheeris launched her career by producing short subjects for satirist Albert Brooks, many of them being highlights in the first season of the TV series Saturday Night Live. Her first auteur feature film was The Decline of Western Civilization (1981), a punk rock documentary that she wrote, produced, and directed. She followed up with The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years, this time about the Los Angeles heavy metal scene of 1988, with footage and interviews of legendary metal bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Megadeth and Motrhead.

She was also a writer for the TV series Roseanne (1988-1997).

In the 1990s, Spheeris directed Wayne''s World, a comedy based on Mike Myers'' skits from Saturday Night Live. The movie grossed an impressive $121 million and became a popular hit. Spheeris didn''t direct the sequel.

She directed the TV-show-based comedies The Beverly Hillbillies and The Little Rascals (in which she co-wrote the screenplay), along with the Chris Farley comedy Black Sheep and the Marlon Wayans comedy Senseless.

Spheeris continues to direct. In 2005 she directed the Tom Arnold movie The Kid & I. Spheeris will return to rock drama: as of 2006 she is at work on Gospel According to Janis, about Janis Joplin -

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