- Richard E.Aaron''s 70''s and 80''s rock icons featured in L.A. - Rock & Roll Gallery  

Freddie Mercury

Patti Smith

This photo was shot from the sixth row at Madison Square Garden in New York City

Three weeks on tour with the Sex Pistols during their first tour to America. The American press were hailing the band as the new British Invasion and calling the Pistols the anti-Beatles. But that was nothing compared to the British press who followed the band over. The British tabloid press knows no limits: they will do whatever it takes to get the story. I had an all-access pass--the only stipulation was that I could not let the British press know where the band was. So on the way to rehearsals I would have to sneak out of the hotel, jump into a taxi, and then tell the taxi driver to lose anyone following us. Shades of Raymond Chandler. The last day of the tour, I was leaving the hotel and in a far corner of the lobby Sid was on the floor in the corner sleeping it off

Purple Rain tour, Detroit. Prince opened his Purple Rain tour in the Motor City for a five day booking

Bob Marley comes to New York. When Bob Marley performed at the Academy of Music in 1974, the verdict was still out whether reggae would play big in the Big Apple. By the end of the show, Marley had conquered Manhattan. By the way, there must been more ganja smoked that night in than any other in the history of the venerable venue

John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana

Mick & Andy - "Love You Live" party for the new Rolling Stones album of the same name. Andy Warhol, who had designed the cover of the album, was there shooting with his 35mm Minox camera. In retrospect, I should have had him sign a cover for my collection, Remember, this was a time before the paparazzi were let into all the events to shoot. So everybody was much more relaxed and you had the time and freedom to do impromptu portraits.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

(or, Life Beyond The Mosh Pit)

Richard E. Aaron''s career as a rock ''n'' roll photographer took him around the world -- several times in fact. But there were a couple of places that remained the same no matter what town he happened to be in that night -- The Pit and Backstage. As a working professional, these spaces were home to Richard the majority of evenings on any given week.

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