The Subterraneans  


SF:the Beat Generation, the Beats'' legacy

Film The Subterraneans

Zapatista Mural

Compositor : Previn, Andr
Ao : 2005
Distribuidora : Film Score Monthly FSM vol. 7, No. 19
Duracin : 79:56

The Subterraneans is a 1958 novel by Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac. It is a semi-fictional account of his short romance with an African American woman named Alene Lee in New York in 1953. In the novel she is renamed Mardou Fox and described as a carefree spirit who frequents the jazz clubs and bars of the budding Beat scene of San Francisco. Other well-known personalities and friends from the author''s life also appear thinly disguised in the novel. The character Frank Carmody is based on William Burroughs, Adam Moorad on Allen Ginsberg, and Larry O''Hara on Lawrence Ferlinghetti, owner of the famous City Lights bookstore in San Francisco''s North Beach. Even Gore Vidal appears as successful novelist Arial Lavalina. Kerouac''s alter ego is named Leo Percepied, and his long-time friend Neal Cassady is mentioned only in passing as Leroy.

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