When I was young I plunged headlong

headstrong, impetuous,

rebelling against the narrow confines of my valley.

With maturity I accepted my load

and made an enduring contribution to

commerce, industry and urban life.

Evenually I accumulated

a substantial volume of alluvium,

and now in my old age

I meander contentedly across

the floodplain I have created,

my legacy,

towards my final meeting with the ocean,

my destiny, my home, my origin.

Ray Sumner





Lewis MacAdams founded FoLAR in 1986 in an effort to see if the river could meet other public needs beyond just flood control.


Bike trails have been established along the lower sections of the river and are planned for the area above downtown. Horseback riding is available along the river near Los Feliz and further south near Rio Hondo. However one hundred years ago there were intentions to include recreation along the river when "Col. Griffith J. Griffith gave over five miles of riverfront property to the city on Dec. 16, 1896 with the expectation that Griffith Park would become a grand riverfront park (although the city initially wanted the land more for the water rights). Since that time, the Golden State and Ventura freeways were built on the south and west banks of the river on Griffith Park land ... easily the most destructive blow ever inflicted on the park".19 The Park, Beach, and Recreation Initiative was passed in 1996 and will provide funding to help create the L.A. River Greenbelt. The Los Angeles River Master Plan is a wetlands restoration project developed by the California Whatershed Projects Inventory (CWPI)


For bike lovers there are Sierra Club and Heal the Bay and Dennis Crowley the Arroyo Seco Bikeway proposal , and a larger system L.A. bike paths.

There are Bicycle Adventures features the finest bicycle tours and active vacations throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, New Mexico, Hawaii, Montana, Canada, and New Zealand From US.


Good luck, bikers!


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