Небольшой списочек фильмов
Being John Malkovich
Bob Fosse: All That Jazz, 1979 (and another films)
Lilya4ever, 2002
The Lost Movies
Law-related movies
Stanley Kramer:Нюрнбергский процесс(Judgement in Nurenberg), 1961
Hollywood Rare Video
Martin Ritt:Conrack, 1974
The Trip + another px.films in the end of 60s
L.A. in Hollywood films
Big Brother (1984)
Беспредел в Лос-Анжелесе: L.A.Riot Spectacular, 2005
"Просто друзья /Just friends/"
Дорога на Катманду, 70s
El Topo, 1971
Политический детектив
Пять легких пьес Five Easy Pieces, 1970
The Tribe (Oscar nominated Short Documentary), 2006
Bound for Glory, 1977
Missing, 1981
Medium Cool, 1969
Chappaqua, 1967
The Beat Generation, 1959
The Connection, 1962
Masterpiece theatre/ Casanova
The Sound of Music
Russian Dolls
What the Snow Brings (Japan)
Roman Polanski's Cinatown, 1974
Al Pacino Serpico - counterculture film 1973
American Graffiti (1973) - More American Graffiti (1979)
The Danish Poet
The Love-ins,1967
Andy Warhol's films
Pete Seeger: The Power of Song
The Great Debaters, 2007
Michael Haneke's Kafka's Castle
The Best of Westerns
An American Tragedy, 1931
Bound for Glory
Folk Americana
The outstanding films of the countrculture
The Apple
Occult LA films
Alice Cooper's Class of 1984
Mr. Lonely
Qatsi Trilogy
Los Angeles Plays Itself (documentary)
Die Nibelungen,1924, music R.Wagner
Сало, или 120 дней Содома
The Trial (1962 film)-Orson Welles
13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests
A fool there was 1915 (remarkkable woman-vamp)
Taking Woodstock
The WIZ and Michael Jackson's Movie Legacy
Wattstax 1973 - Black Woodstock (LA)
Soul Power Online
Antichrist 2009
Apocalipse now Redux
Meek's Cutoff
Films need to see
El Dorado
Небольшой списочек фильмов

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