Samuel Beckett (Vivian Flynn) -the most popular writter in America. I think Ron Mael takes his absurd imige from Becket''s heroes

Actress Linda Kelsey (“Lou Grant”), soprano Anne Marie Ketchum and pianist Victoria Kirsch combine their talents to explore the worlds of American literary icon Emily Dickinson through her poetry and letters. This moving theatrical presentation also features songs by Aaron Copland, Lori Laitman, Tom Cipullo and Steve Heitzeg.

"Я люблю сумасшедших" - Джек Керуак

ЭДГАР ПО (1809-1849)

Writing life

В культурном словаре английского языка символьно-знаковой фигурой стал Уолтер Миттай



Дневник неудачника: Эдуард Лимонов

Лимонов Эдуард "Священные монстры"

Turbula club


Kerouak and the Beat Generation

Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation

The Beat Gen

The Crown publishing group

American classic literature: Nathalian Hawthorne 1804-1864

WIKI about Nathaniel Hawthorne

Public Radio

"I'm a mid-level Baby Boomer, female, working in a left-brained world"

Counterculture author, icon Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Rock Back Pages discussion and news

Gregory Corso

Gregory Corso discusses Jack Kerouac

Gregory Corso

Emily Dickinson (Linda Kelsey "Lou Grant", Anne Marie Ketchum, Victoria Kirsh) - the word of American Literatury icon

Steve Richmond,friend of J.Morrison and Venice Poet, 1941-2009

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