Introduction: The Most Important Films for Cinematography
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Introduction: What Is Cinematography?
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"Из всех видов искусств самым важным является кино" B.Ленин

Welcome to a filmmaker class for film schools.David Cook, HISTIRY OF NARRATIVE FILM 2004.Check also Encyclopedia Britanica or online resource Gale Virtual Reference Library, IMBd and Wikipedia. On this page, there are only film monsters of era.

Great Depression was a worldwide economic downturn which started in 1929 (although its effects were not fully felt until late in 1930) and lasted through most of the 1930s. It centered in North America and Europe, but had damaging effects around the world. The most industrialized countries were affected the worst, including the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, and Australia -

The New Deal was the name President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to the series of programs between 1933-37 with the goal of relief, recovery and reform of the United States economy during the Great Depression -

Censorship is basically the editing, removing, or otherwise changing speech and other forms of human expression. In some cases, it is exercised by governing bodies but it is always and continuously carried out by the mass media. The visible motive of censorship is often to stabilize, improve or persuade the society group that the censoring organization would have control over-


The Russian Revolution of 1917 has been provoked by the deepest crisis of a Russian economic system, by participation in the Russian – Japanese War (1905), and in the First World War (1914), and by an inability of a monarchy to stabilize a situation in the country. Visited Russia in 1920 Herbert Wells wrote in his «Russia in a Haze» the authority fall itself in hands of bolsheviks, and they were not ready for it. Russian Revolution is considered the bloodless, but it is not all truth. The tsar’s family and their doctor Botkin were shot. After it, supporters of a monarchy declared The Civil War. Gangsterism, ruins, famine, typhus accompanied the first years of the Soviet authority. But there were a belief in the fair future. H. Wells was surprised the poor country solved a problem of homeless children, and was creating schools, libraries, encyclopedias, cinema, and power stations, built railways. After the conversation with Lenin, this great futurist named him "the Kremlin dreamer." The New Economic Policy (it was very similar to modern Chinese economic policy) installed hopes. Enthusiasm was everywhere, and even those who did not trust in the Revolution, have gradually accepted its.

However, this short era ended when Lenin dead in 1924. Stalin started his bloody way and stopped discussions, disputes, conversations. He required in Dead Lenin. It was gloomy times. Everyone knew what means “no people, no problems.” The total state intervention, intrusion, and control can do miracles. Stalin deduced a national economy from crisis, but what price was it made by? Concentration camps have been thought up not by Hitler, they were tested on the citizens by Joseph Vissarionovich.

Soviet Union held 70 years. Many people, even immigrants from the former USSR, have nostalgia about the USSR. There are a lot of reasons, major one is: the Soviet middle class has been created. However, the system of a total nationalization and 100 % of a planned economy has a catastrophic defect - this system is not capable to adapt in the varying world. This system is able to exist only in the isolation. It is a colossus on clay legs. Soviet Union has broken up in 1991, having left a set of the problems generated by myths and birthmarks of the previous epochs. David Remnik’s book “Lenin’s Tomb” is the best sketch about us and Perestroika.

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